Being intimidating good

While strangers, teachers, and even our own friends label us as women who are never happy or women who are too aggressive and scary, we do not care about that.We actually do not take it personally and sometimes consider it as a compliment.He really means that you’re to cool, too beautiful and too amazing for a scrub like him.He realizes you are better than him and he knows that one day you will see it, too.Instead, intimidating women tend to act or portray themselves as whoever they want to be.For me, I consider myself to be a quirky girl who likes to walk around and listen to music.Stay opinionated and you will attract the right guy to help sharpen your mind. Throughout most of my life, I would get comments from people, particularly men, who would tell me that I am intimidating.

Once people have the balls to talk to us or even say, "Hi," intimidating women start to open themselves to a certain extent.

If any of you are within the LMU Film School during the weekdays, I guarantee you will hear a loud cackling laugh every now and then. When people talk to an intimidating woman for the first time, they believe that they are always being judged by the woman.

For some, they wonder if the woman is planning to break into their homes in the wee hours of the night and murder them in cold blood or are planning a way to make them fail at any expense.

The most important key to having a good relationship is communication, but when the word "intimidating" comes up, it becomes very confusing.

It’s unclear to you if the guy means it in a good or bad way.

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