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Clicking on the model name in the main list will take you to the more visually appealing High, Mid and Low charts with the selected CPU highlighted in red.2.CPU World Benchmarks If you want to get technical specifications of just about any processor going back decades, then CPU World is the place to visit.

The Mega List is useful to sort by socket type or get quick details about clock speed while the searchable Model List is a complete list of all CPU scores where you can easily sort by rank, score, value or alphabetical order.These are changed from the drop down and include results for 3DMark, 7-Zip, Cinebench, FLAC encode, H264 encode, Crystalmark, PCMark, Win RAR, Sandra, Superpi and w Prime.Clicking the CPU model in the results will take you to the full information page, or the orange question mark to the right gives a brief detail popup window.They even have leagues, competitions and world record charts for the most extreme tweakers.There is also a page dedicated to comparing CPU benchmark scores over a number of tests along with the basic specification of each chosen processor.

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Once all required CPUs are added to the list press Show Benchmark Chart.

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