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Lee Si Young and Lee Dong Wook look so good together. I have watched the ending and its really heart melting, not the same as the others but it just matches the character that they are portraying. The supporting actors and actress are also a great pick. The only problem is why Jong-hee role taken by Jessica. I wish they have another drama with them as the leads again! Dong Ah and Mgr Kim are cute, and will really make you laugh also. Hope to see more of Si Young and Dong Wook together because their chemistry on screen and in acting is very good. but unfortunately I can't find the full episode of it with ENGLISH SUB TITLE and to make it worst the thing is that I can't even search the preview of this episode.. Jessica is trying and she is doing a good job so far...wait to finish the drama and see what happens. Kim Tae-Han shows him a video clip from the internet that has gone viral.The video shows a woman judo throwing Moo-Yeol to the floor. Meanwhile, female bodyguard Yoo Eun-Jae (Lee Si-Young) stands in front of her boss Kevin Jang (Lee Han-Wi).Right at that moment, Eun-Jae saw her father on the floor.Eun-Jae became angry and then tossed Park Moo-Yeol to the floor.

Sometime early in the morning, Kim Tae-Han (Kang Dong-Ho), the director of communications for professional baseball team the Red Dreamers, visits baseball player Park Moo-Yeol's (Lee Dong-Wook) apartment.

)...' and 'mariya' or 'maliya' and 'seo, seo, seo' (Romanized... My heart really couldn't take it - both the sadness (a tiny part in the last ep) and the bucket load of sweetness. Always I look at the sky and say both of us are under one sky so I can be happy that you can hear my voice, feel my emotion and even see my smile. The script was well-crafted, the dialogues interesting, and the "criminal" flavor keeping you in suspense till the very end! It's a pity this really great drama had such a low rating! : D i cant tell how much i like this funny drama !!!! They are so cute together, and always make me laugh.

I don't know Hangul yet.) This series has a misleading title and description because it is so much more. Don't understand why it was not ranked within the top 20. The acting skill skill of the actor and the actreses were all great.... I have read that you want to date with the kind of girl with gorgeous smile that steal your heart. Instant Performer continues to be evaluated by doctors and study clinics across the globe; A study on pomegranate proved it to own far reaching effects on erection problems, around 47% with the test subjects reported that their erections improved when using pomegranate. Thanks for have chosen them to be together at this drama. Because who play the drama or film is the main thing that the film or drama could be liked by watchers. :-( I particularly enjoyed the verbal (not physical like the ones between the lead characters) banters between Manager Kim (the actor is pretty good! I waited for their scenes more than I waited for Park Mu Yeol - Yoo Eun Jae. she's one of the actress who's completely absorbed into her character and pretend like the world doesn't see her.. for chrissakes, why is she called the secret weapon to be raise the ratings?? this drama is all about lee dongwook and lee siyoung.

Excellent cast (especially leads Lee Dong-Wook and Lee Si-Young--terrific chemistry), good script and direction; it includes romance, comedy, drama, mystery with a dark side, intriguing twists and turns, satisfying closure. But I really like the storyline, chemistry between actors and actresses, even the supporting casts are great. I specially love Park Moo Yeol personality and character, esp when he laughs . I still laugh eventhough I alreadywathed it several times... I wishe that your wishes become to reality and this girl will have merit to be your partner. The Bluze Capsules and Mast Mood Oil are commonly available in the internet and also in many of the pharmacies that are near your home. Overall, this drama is so fun and really interesting. she never fails to impress me since her devotion to eating cakes as bu tae hee in birth of the rich LOLOLOLOL... I hope the ratings won't affect her career or anything.. I hope she will get more drama offers cause she can totally make the story real.. I adore you~ x D it was ok, loved lee si young and lee dong wook pairing but there was nothing WILD about their romance. Lee Dong Wook and Lee Shi Young are more talented actor and actress than her. It's be refreshing to see Lee Si-Young in a funny lead role instead of that of the queen bitch rival. jessica/snsd fans spamming youtube and everywhere acting like she's the star of this show when she's just another idol wannabe actress. I love Lee Dong Wook ever since My Girl and especially after the tango scene in Scent of A Woman (I'm still fustered over that scene, played it over like 4 times!

Lee dong Wook oppa really suit this character and he act so naturally. "It's me" I don't know why this drama didn't make it to top 20 in term of rating aspect. I am waiting for your drama ,movies, please live healthy, gentleman and as a real human. Another excellent tip is to prevent consuming tea an time either part of getting the products and to prevent liquor if you can. wild/aggressive because maybe they physically hurt each other and since it's a sports-related drama? twist was ok, but i wanted more from the lead pair. I thought idol Jessica was being brought in as a secret weapon to raise the ratings? when will they learn that idols do not always equal ratings???? LOL, we're not thinking that Jessica is the main star of the show, ffs. My intention of watching this was just because of Jessica, I've to admit. I remember watching her in the drama called Boys Over Flowers, but I did not appreciate her that much. So far, the series is shaping up like a cross between two of my favorites, Protect The Boss and Coffee Prince, with a little bit of the American movie "Major League" thrown in. i guess the truth hurts so much they want it deleted.

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Good chemistry and the whole story paced really well. I agree with the majority of the comments, this is a great drama because it is different from the rest. I only like this drama because of the thrill and Dong Ha - Tae Han couple. No one seems to knows the title and artist of the song and it's not on the OST... I love their energy, emotions, styles and first I must must must say excellent to the director for choosing these artists.actually I saw this drama 4times continuously because every scene is wonderful, excitement full of funs .

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