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Both were greatly interested in food and theatre, and it is highly likely that Louis developed these interests through his close relationship with his mother.

This long-lasting and loving relationship can be evidenced by excerpts in Louis' journal entries, such as: "Nature was responsible for the first knots which tied me to my mother.

He sought to eliminate the remnants of feudalism persisting in parts of France and, by compelling many members of the nobility to inhabit his lavish Palace of Versailles (formerly a hunting lodge belonging to Louis' father), succeeded in pacifying the aristocracy, many members of which had participated in the Fronde rebellion during Louis' minority.

By these means he became one of the most powerful French monarchs and consolidated a system of absolute monarchical rule in France that endured until the French Revolution.

Louis encouraged and benefited from the work of prominent political, military, and cultural figures such as Mazarin, Colbert, Louvois, the Grand Condé, Turenne, and Sébastien Le Prestre de Vauban, as well as Andre-Charles Boulle, Molière, Racine, Boileau, La Fontaine, Lully, Marais, Le Brun, Rigaud, Bossuet, Le Vau, Mansart, Charles and Claude Perrault, and Le Nôtre.

Under his rule, the Edict of Nantes, which granted rights to Huguenots, was abolished.

An infant who fell sick after drinking milk from the French group Lactalis contaminated with Salmonella bacteria has been reported in Spain and another case is being investigated in Greece, French health...

He did, however, make the concession of appointing her head of the council.Sensing imminent death, Louis XIII decided to put his affairs in order in the spring of 1643, when Louis XIV was four years old.In defiance of custom, which would have made Queen Anne the sole Regent of France, the king decreed that a regency council would rule on his son's behalf.There were also two lesser conflicts: the War of Devolution and the War of the Reunions.Warfare defined the foreign policy of Louis XIV, and his personality shaped his approach.

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