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In her journal, she mentions never turning on the heat.

I admire the people who can do that, I Don't like being all bundled up when I'm inside.

The master bedroom includes en suite bath, walk-in closet and ground level access to the back yard.

The well designed finished living space over the garage serves multiple uses as a private bedroom with en-suite bath, recreation room or bunk room.

I'm sure it must be sloppy spelling but I've found a food cocunter! - Main product vital injector,skin analyzer, QRMA, Particle , Gas detector.

One lawyer noted that looking at someones camera would be a violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act in the United States as it involves hacking into someone's password-protected account - even if that password is the default setting.

There are 40,746 pages of unsecured cameras just in the first 10 country listings: 11,046 in the U.

Concern over hidden cameras is growing, especially when it pertains to rental properties.

Also, she and her travel companion discussed sensitive topics like finances and relationships that the camera’s microphone could have picked up.

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