Updating my security clearance

Rarely, if ever, are temporary clearances granted during the review process.

The scope of investigative work needed to grant a security clearance depends on the level of clearance being requested.

There are over 200,000 military personnel transitioning out of the service each year.

These separating military members look for employment in fields such as the commercial defense-related fields where they can utilize their expert military training and technical skills.

In addition to the thorough background check that has already been completed, these employees are disciplined, dependable and have strong leadership skills - priceless attributes in today's market.

Certain federal employees and certain employees in the private sector are required to have security clearances because their job requires them to have access to classified documents.

In addition, these jobs generally require background checks due to the sensitive nature of the materials the individual handles on a daily basis - this is where the former military member's clearance becomes a valuable commodity.

Some need money, some can be blackmailed, some are disgruntled and want revenge and some are just sloppy.The type of security clearance that one can be approved for also depends upon the department, division, or agency involved.For classification purposes, the types of security clearances are: security clearance is the easiest to obtain.The program will send you an application for registration to renew your organization’s security clearance or safeguarding capabilities.You will be required to submit documentation to support any changes reported on the application for registration.

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