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The following morning, the day when Mick and Linda are suppose to open for the first time, Linda looks out of the window and sees Tina and Shirley at the door with their belongings and Mick tells her they're moving in and Linda has objections to Shirley moving in, but is fine with Tina.

Mick explains to Linda that his sisters are important to him and Linda says the deal is that the minute things go wrong, he needs to step up.

When Tracey turns up for work, Linda explains to Tracey that they won't be needing her at The Vic because they've always done it themselves and now they have Shirley and Tina.

Mick and Linda encounter a problem when Mick realizes they haven't got any beer and Tina says they are almost out of snacks and spirits.

Tina changes the subject and tells Linda that she's staying with Shirley and Linda says there's always a bed at her place for Tina.

Tina asks if they could come back in a couple days to see Mick, dropping the hint of possibly spending Christmas together, but Linda says it's one thing having having a drink with them and another spending Christmas with them.

On January 1st 2016, Linda finally married her childhood sweetheart Mick.

When Johnny reveals to Mick he is gay, Linda overhears and is devastated by the news.

The next morning, Linda gives Johnny toast with jam for breakfast, but Mick says Johnny doesn't eat jam and never has. Mick defends Johnny telling her that she must be trying to prove a point.

Linda asks Shirley what she is doing here and Tina says it was her fault and they don't want any trouble.

As Shirley turns to leave, Linda asks Shirley if she is going to ask how Mick is as it's been 15 years and whether she cares.

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