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Decimal indent errors are rare, off center double struck coins rarer again, and having a matched pair as a saddle strike is almost unheard off.We’ve heard of less than 5 matched saddle strike pairs in the last 15 years and never actually seen one in hand to be able to take an image of one. The best we can offer is the image below, of a 10 cent saddle strike pair that appeared on e Bay 4 years ago.Turning 5 cents into 0 or more sounds like a great idea but handling lots and lots of very small coins needs patience and good light.These errors have sold for hundreds up to thousands of dollars (for higher grade examples).Keen observers will also note that the second strike on the obverse shows part of the 5 cent reverse design.

This is post mint damage and it is illegal to deface currency.The RCM wants the Australian Mint to destroy 503,000 2012 dated red poppy coins it minted and sold through the RSL as a fundraiser for the charity helping returned soldiers.The Australian Mint has since gone on to produce many more issues using the same technology, let us paint you a picture- 995,000 Purple 60th Anniversary of the Queen’s Coronation coins in 2013 1,856,000 Green Remembrance coins in 2014 1,466,000 Red Lest We Forget coins in 2015 2,151,000 Orange Remembrance coins in 2015 Approximately 10 million Black, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow Olympic and a Multicoloured Paralympic coins in 2016 Approximately 6 million Multicoloured Magic Possum coins in 2017 and most recently Purple and Green Rosemary Remembrance coins in late 2017.It is worth considering what the other coin this error was struck against might look like.It will have a crescent shaped indentation on the reverse, and within that indentation there might be a partial brockage impression of the obverse of this coin.

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Previously thought of as a needle in a haystack find, I’d say today, look through bulk coins and you have a reasonable chance of finding one. Glancing at bulk coins it won’t easily stick out like a mule, a collector coin that’s been spent or a mis-strike.

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