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When he was pursuing you, you felt like you had control and could choose whether or not you wanted him around. You came back together and over time, things changed.He gradually started acting differently and as a result, you’re much more interested in him now than you were in the beginning.

MORE: How to make Men Chase You Without Playing Games Now I know there are going to be people reading this and saying things like, “Why all the games” or “If he’s a real man he’d blah blah blah” or “If he’s the right guy, you don’t need to worry about neediness, etc. This whole “game” thing doesn’t apply after two people get by their own crap. You can’t always expect that the other person is going to be in exactly the place mentally that you want them to be in.But people stop applauding my get-shit-done personality and say that I’m trying “too hard” when we’re talking about one particular aspect of my world: my dating life. Their advice is that I should stop trying so hard, and that I’ll find love when I stop looking for it. But, for me, waiting for a relationship to fall into my lap is unnatural, because I have wanted to find love ever since I saw The advice to “stop looking” completely contradicts how ambitious people are generally taught to behave.Think about it: Would you ever tell someone that a desired outcome will happen when they stop trying to achieve it in regards to So why is it appropriate to tell a single person who wants a relationship that they should cast their eyes down, stay inside, and let everyone come to them?And when I’d spot a cute guy at the other end of the bar, I wouldn’t approach him, like I would in the past.Thanks to therapy, I came to the understanding that I probably won’t stop looking for love until I find it — and that’s totally fine.

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There’s nothing wrong with holding up a relationship as something I want in life.

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